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  • Myra S.

Self Love is not selfish.

Growing up, I was raised to be a people pleaser. My mom had trained us well... everyone complimented her on how well-behaved and well-dressed my brother and I were. Reputation was the most important thing- and I'm sure many of you can relate. "What will people think?" ("Laug kya kehenge?" - Hasan Minhaj reference) 😉

It was something that I struggled with for most of my life: staying true to my inner desires while keeping everyone else happy. Like most females I know, I constantly prioritized the happiness of others above my own - and by doing so repeatedly, I diminished my sense of self-worth over time.

The practice of yoga recently led me to re-discover my worthiness... and I decided to become the type of woman that I would want my daughter to be. I want her to see me prioritize my health, wellbeing and happiness. I want my kids to see that my daily trip to the gym is (typically) a non-negotiable part of my daily schedule, and that if mama gets her hour at the gym, she's much happier and more pleasant to be around. I want my kids to develop healthy lifestyles, open and curious minds, and a thirst for knowledge and growth- always striving towards becoming the best version of themselves that they can be... and I want to practice what I preach.

Self-love isn't selfish. It can be the most selfless thing we do for our children.

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