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My Podcast Interview: Yoga & Increasing Peace

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

When I was asked to be interviewed for Ashley Weber's yoga podcast back in May 2020, I felt both flattered and a little nervous... what could I possibly share, that people would want to listen to?

Let’s see... what do I want to listen to? What captures my interest?

That’s easy:

Authenticity. Realness. Stories of vulnerability, triumph and bravery.

Insight that can only be attained through lived experiences.

And so that’s what I tried to deliver.

There is so much more to my untold story... this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps one day I’ll be able to share more. Perhaps one day, I’ll write a book. I feel that my affinity for words and writing was not by accident. I was sent here to speak my truth... we all were, in our own ways. What is your truth? What have you buried, deep down inside... perhaps by hearing each other’s stories, we can finally make sense of our own. And then use it to help others make sense of theirs, as we begin to find purpose in this crazy life.



New Episode out! Today’s guest on the show is mother of two, Yoga teacher and founder of Austin Yoga Teachers Community based in Austin, TX, Myra Shaikh. We will be discussing all about Yoga and how it can contribute to minimizing suffering and maximizing peace in our own lives!

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